Local & Community History Month- Dunollie Castle

Keeping in trend with Local & Community History Month, we look at the historical Dunollie Castle…

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http://www.ecoshelta.com/pd/170/2969.html direct loans tax form Standing guard over Oban Bay, Dunollie castle was once owned by Lords of Lorn for over 1000 years and is known as the chief house of Clan MacDougall and a historical monument of the area. Its ruins are covered in greenery and there is no entrance fee – it also boasts stunning views over the bay.

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http://www.amazingtips.co.uk/pi/41/ construction loan rates in nh Legend has it, the ruins of Dunollie Castle is haunted by a piper – often seen around the ruins in full highland dress, including a very noticeable tartan on his kilt. It is said that he is quite accepted by those around the ruin and is simply a shadow of eras gone by.

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http://annkempster.com/pt/152/2659.html business loan with collateral philippines Dunollie Castle is also home to the famous Hope MacDougall Collection. With over 5,000 objects gathered from around the area by the late clan member, including photographs, letters and mementoes. The result is a collection steeped in local history, giving a real insight to life in Oban and the evolution of the community itself. Truly a must-see for tourists and local historians alike.

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http://www.thoughtden.co.uk/pd/65/1120.html fastest way to reduce student loan debt Dunollie will also play host to the MacDougall Clan Gathering in August this year – so for any MacDougalls out there, it’s a great way to get in touch with your heritage.

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